Acknowledgement to Country, from this website

I acknowledge the Elders past and present, being the Traditional Owners from the Yidinji Nation on whose lands I live and work. The Yidinji Nation encompasses lands that are parts of the Atherton Tableland, Cairns and south to the Babinda region. I respect the Yidinji Nation consisting of different Clan groups of the Rainforest, with ongoing connections to the land, sky and waters. Shared cultural icons include unique rainforest Yidinji Shields and Baskets. [Trish Albert, Wadjanbarra Tableland Yidinji]

What does my Cultural Capability basket open up for you?

A chance to collaborate, learn, reflect and assess your own capability journey. Original Artwork design: This particular style of woven Basket depicted in this vibrant artwork, represents my Yidinji Aboriginal heritage.

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Woven Basket (tbc)

To be completed.

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