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What's in my Cultural Capability basket for you?


A little something I've learnt on my work journey 
I've learnt that Active Listening is a key communication skill. My honing of these skills has come from opportunities to work with diverse clients in government and non-government settings, and working in cities, as well as regional and remote locations. Two very different examples of roles include; conducting face-to-face complaints investigations for a national Indigenous accommodation company, and delivering face-to-face education programs to at least 12,000 visiting school students at a national cultural institution for more than a decade.

Being an 'active listener' is to listen to learn, and be wholly present and focused on what the other person is saying. Deep listening has helped me to better understand a person or a situation, and in turn, has contributed to successful outputs in workplaces throughout my career.

These skills were invaluable as I travelled in the field to explore stories, cultural beliefs, identity and viewpoints with Indigenous Australians across the country, and to work up close and personal. An ability to understand, analyse and evaluate complex information helps to build on genuine connection with others, and active listening was one of my core skill sets that enabled me to write non-fiction stories for a national cultural institution. So too, these skills are ideally suited in my consultancy for truth-telling, cultural capability, cross-cultural communication and incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in what we do, and believing in respect for our learning .

A glance at my achievements: Author Education Publications | Consultation, research and work effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people | Program development, training, workshop facilitator and presenter in cultural institutions Independent Consultant for Indigenous-specific projects, including professional learning and cultural capability workshops for 6 years.

Some personal things about me
  • Most mornings I walk by a river at first light. Yidinji history is everywhere from the encircling mountains, fauna, flora and waters. It's a buzz to hear the orange-footed Scrub Hen, Jarracka, an important bird within Yidinji stories and beliefs, when it decides to call out from the bush. 
  • Cooking everything from scratch, reading, researching histories, writing, and photography.
  •  Making time to care for and bring joy to others, especially the elderly and vulnerable. I believe that 'giving' is the right thing to do, and actions speak louder than any words. 
  • I believe in showing up with kindness and empathy.
Please reach out if you’re interested in any of my services and products. I will bring a desire to talk openly, collaborate, and deliver a quality experience for you.